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Link me UP - 1000 ideas

Support system for the co-creation of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, 01 / SIAC / 2020 - SIAC (Promotion of Entrepreneurial Spirit - 1000 Ideas)

Link Me Up - 1000 ideas, Support System for the co-creation of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, is a project that promotes entrepreneurship through the training of young students and / or entrepreneurs with a view to increasing the quality of employment and the creation of innovative companies.

The project ventures to reinforce the cooperation between the Portuguese Polytechnics as agents to promote qualified entrepreneurship, in co-creation of innovation with the business environment, aiming at creating innovative ideas and new companies.

The Link Me Up Project - 1000 Ideas, aims to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit through the development of initiatives that boost:

  1. the creation of ideas and business plans;
  2. the co-creation of innovation based on multidisciplinary teams of Young students and /or entrepreneurs of Higher Polytechnic Education in Portugal.

The Project will promote the monitoring of 1000 initiatives linked to the creation of ideas and business plans, and the process of co-creation of innovation that will be developed with local companies/entities, promoting the creation or improvement of products, processes and services that respond to current and future societal challenges. The purpose is to support: 400 business ideas and plans and 600 innovation co-creation projects.



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