If you have questions or are encountering any problem, you may try to find a solution with the following topics and common issues:


Is it free to join Demola projects?

I am a graduate / in my gap year / unemployed / high school student / worked for many years…, can I still apply?

How many projects can I apply at once? Will you send me more than one offer?

After finishing a project, can I take part again?

What if my university is not on the list of "Home institution" choices? Does it mean I am not eligible to apply?

What if my background has nothing to do with the project I am interested in?

If I apply for the themes of One for Humanity, how you divide the teams? If I have some interesting topic but not listed in the application cases, what should I do?

When will I get the information about whether I’m selected or not in the project? Will you send out results even when we are not selected?

Is it difficult to get in?

Do you have some budget/salary/allowance for the One for Humanity project work?

Do you have Demola project the next year? I feel I need to improve my English first; I will try it next year.

How much time we would need to spend on Demola projects?/ Is it a fulltime internship?/ How does the timetable look like?

How does the project final results look like? What are the evaluation formats?

I got accepted! What's next? How can I find my teammates?

Will I get my Demola certificate automatically after finishing the project? Can you please help me issue an internship certificate?

Do you have social media that I can see other students' Demola experience? / Are there Demola communities I can get to know?

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